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  • I appreciate your workshop to be one of the best I have so far attended. I wish that your excellent performances should continue as far as the company exist.
  • Excellent course content and the examples discussed were excellent. In terms of delivery, most presentations were well structured.
  • The programme was enlightening. I appreciate the personal experiences that were used for illustrations.
  • I am extremely pleased with what I saw at Bezaleel Consulting Group. They indeed grow people and i'm glad I attend...

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Coaching With Impact
Leadership & Strategy Courses


Many organisations are now embracing investment in coaching, some have not made up their minds, some can't quantify the impact coaching is having on business objectives. Which one are you? Where is your organisation in the coaching and mentoring continuum? Coaching with Impact is a 3-day seminar designed to turn coaching into a culture in your organisation. It is packaged to enable you evaluate how coaching impacts business performance.

There are practical cases revealing in which particular areas coaching would dramatically influence behaviour and performance when learning is applied. This seminar reinforces a coaching culture supported by the leadership thereby becoming a key factor in delivering and accelerating significant improvement in business results and individual personal development (IDP/PDP) efforts. Coaching supported by the leadership team is an integral part of the talent management process and strategic business objectives.

Benefits of this training programme

  • Coaching significantly improves performance
  • Coaching training positively improves business results
  • Coaching improves employee engagement, workplace trust and enthusiasm
  • Coaching has much more impact when reinforced from the top
  • Coaching improves attitude
  • Coaching helps keep your talents and must-not-loose employees
  • Coaching improves the coach’s confidence and listening ability
  • Focused coaching, delivered timely and accurately ensures no surprises at the performance assessment discussions
  • Coaching links business challenges to personal goals and creatively brings out the importance of work-life balance
  • The coach feels fulfilled with improved self esteem
  • Coaching prepares you for your must-win battles

Learning Points

  • Why coaching
  • How to coach
  • Impact on business and individual performance
  • Mentoring ½ day
  • Mentorship model
  • Performance coaching
  • Leadership/management & coaching
  • Coaching models
  • Communication & engagement
  • Measuring the impact
  • Role play, games, etc

Who should attend

Coaching with Impact is available both as IN-HOUSE and open enrolment. It is designed for managers, team leads, supervisors and everyone desirous of impacting lives for good, and leaving a legacy of a talented workforce.

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