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This seminar is packaged with a view to cushioning the devastating effect of downsizing or rightsizing which are inevitable consequences of the new economic and social order code named global competitiveness and relevance, to which there is no alternative. Reorganisation and downsizing are in order, for the long-term health of the company, etc. However, the problem, most often, is the neglect of those left behind after the downsizing or rightsizing exercise, i.e. the surviving members of staff.

Most organisations fail to reach the goals their downsizing and rightsizing efforts were designed to help them meet, not because they are load shedding wrongly, but mostly because they failed to take care of the survivors! Hence the hope of getting better results with leaner workforce turns a mirage.

This package is about taking care of your remaining staff after a reorganisation or downsizing exercise, to enhance efficiency and profitability with a leaner, stronger and fitter company poised for intense competition in the emergent economic dispensation.

Objectives of this training programme

  • Healing Intervention Strategies
  • Training the 'Care Givers'
  • Leadership Imperatives
  • Survivor Sickness: Symptoms & Cures
  • Elements of the New Workplace
  • True Quality
  • Restoration of energy, productivity and risk taking
  • Strategies for shedding the non-value adding work, etc.

Who May Attend

Your entire workforce (including top executives) is covered by this package in different categories or classes, starting with the Executives/Group Leaders before taking on the rank and file.

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