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The Management Development Programme
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The Management Development Programme (MDP) is a 2-day intensive training packaged for middle level and aspiring managers to assist them in bridging identified performance gaps through the acquisition of key learning and taking next steps in transferring their learning to the workplace (and the home front) to influence behaviours and impact the bottom-line positively.

This programme gives managers a head start. It is a learning event that grooms them for additional responsibilities, business communication skills, managerial and leadership roles, customer-centric orientation and continuous learning. This programme invariably aids companies to reinvent and manage its talent pipeline, groom for executive succession and gain a crop of confident managers who become visionary and are no longer satisfied with a steady performer status but are eager to move to the next level of being high potentials.

Learning Outcomes

Participants would go back to work with enough enthusiasm to apply their learning in their various spheres of influence. Such learning would include:

  • Developing and acquiring the strength of character to best assist in facing challenges creatively and innovatively
  • Developing self esteem, self efficacy and self confidence to lead as competent managers.
  • Acquiring skill that would assist them in effective team working and team management
  • Acquiring powerful communication and persuasive ethics for managers and team members to get the right things done at the right time
  • Embracing powerful people-handling skills to enable the engagement of heads, souls, hands and the hearts for improved productivity and corporate profitability
  • Acquiring value-adding and results-oriented service excellence principles, knowing that the customer is the business
  • Having a learning mindset to enable a learning organization
  • Developing a change mentality and a mind that is change-ready at all times

Learning Points

We have packaged the MDP sessions in module format to enable facilitators connect related sessions and cover the curriculum extensively than would otherwise have been possible. Bezaleel’s Instructor’s Guide is effectively put to use to drive home the essential learning of this programme in a standardized process that would run through the entire classes for uniformity and organization-wide effectiveness.

Module II

  • Setting the Context
  • The MDP – An overview
  • The Habit of putting ‘First Things First’

Module II

  • Leadership@ its fullness
  • Motivational Theories and Applicability
  • Self Management; Self Leading First

Module III

  • Team-bonding: Team-working
  • Employee Engagement
  • Internal Service Value

Module IV

  • Service Excellence
  • Communicating for Results
  • Communication Etiquette

Target Audience

Middle level and aspiring Managers.

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