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  • I appreciate your workshop to be one of the best I have so far attended. I wish that your excellent performances should continue as far as the company exist.
  • Excellent course content and the examples discussed were excellent. In terms of delivery, most presentations were well structured.
  • The programme was enlightening. I appreciate the personal experiences that were used for illustrations.

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Maximising Training Investments' Benefits
Leadership & Strategy Courses


Organisations, either profit making or not-for-profit, who expend resources on workplace learning should expect returns and benefits, at the least, their resourceworth. In fact, business owners are asking Training professionals: 'where is the money? Evaluating and showing the impact of organised workplace learning is the way to go no matter the nature of your business, for the benefit of the sponsors, the learners, and indeed all stakeholders. Moreover, doing so would sustain decision makers interest in learning and development activities. It may invariably lead to more resources for learning, retention of talents, etc.

Benefits of this training programme

  • Measure the impact of learning acquired or the contribution of training received to bottomline profitability or topline growth
  • They will be able to follow up or monitor the application of learning acquired on the job.
  • Have a well structured evaluation system in place in other to locate the causal effect of training failures and remedial actions taken.
  • Show real and significant benefits accruing from learning and development events and paves the way for additional resources and confident investments from decision makers.
  • Evaluate training effectiveness and measure returns on training investment for the purpose of continuous improvement – kaizen as the Japanese would call it.
  • This process facilitates and compels a strategic and detailed Training Needs Identification/Analysis (TNI/A) before any resources are committed to learning programmes. The rudiments of TNI/A session is an added value to this workshop.

Learning Points

  • Learning Impact Assessment – An overview
  • The multi-level Impact Assessment model
  • The basic structures and processes
  • Linking the levels theoretically
  • Bringing It Home
  • Making It Happen
  • Cost management: Which level for what kind of training?
  • Manager's roles, responsibilities and Accountability
  • Rudiments of TNI/A
  • Evaluating Learning Quality of Service

Who May Attend

All managers, supervisors, coordinators.

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