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  • I appreciate your workshop to be one of the best I have so far attended. I wish that your excellent performances should continue as far as the company exist.
  • Excellent course content and the examples discussed were excellent. In terms of delivery, most presentations were well structured.
  • The programme was enlightening. I appreciate the personal experiences that were used for illustrations.

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The Personal Effectiveness Training
Soft Skills Courses


Personal Effectiveness is person(s) producing results. It is first a self grooming action coupled with self-directed commitment, and then a business exigency. It is learning personal leadership, leading self first, and then others for performance and self esteem. Effectiveness connotes results. Doing what we agree to do plus plus. Effectiveness is exceeding expectations. Having this in mind helps an individual to avoid seductive counterfeits in the likes of just efforts, trying – which is a noisy way of not doing something, mere sweating, excuses of all kinds, etc.

Personal Effectiveness breeds self esteem which is a combination of self efficacy and self respect. Possessing these two character traits is a sure-fire for goals accomplishment, success in career, balanced work life and an aura of performance for individual and organisational success.

Learning outcome of this training programme

  • Developing a self-renewal habit of an ‘all-outs’ class of people types
  • Committing to the profitable habit of Action
  • Deciding to adopt the accountability mindset rather than the victim mentality
  • Realising that being personally effective is not an end in itself
  • Knowing that one is too insignificant to achieve significant corporate goals
  • Coming to term with the fact that personal effectiveness is not just goals attainment
  • Learning the ‘how’ of managing self rather than managing time for true        effectiveness
  • Sustaining behavioural and attitudinal change that brings about superior service delivery
  • Aligning individual goals with corporate objectives by adopting the right attitude of ‘We’ rather than ‘I’
  • Acquiring self-esteeming demeanour comprising –:
    • Self-efficacy - A sense of basic confidence no matter what.
    • Self respect - A sense of being worthy of happiness.
  • The synergy and passion generated for organisational excellence. The workplace can never be the same again because it is no longer business as usual
  • The ability for the individual to play the ‘mirror game’ – the uncommon grace to search inwardly for solutions
  • Knowing that excellence is a shifting goal post


The sessions on this training have been packaged in module format to enable our facilitators cover a lot of ground with accompanying learning and commitment for learning transfer just in two days. We would assist the faculty with detailed Instructor’s Guide to ensure a seamless learning event with a view to enhancing participants’ learning-ability.

Day 1 -

Module I:

  • The Habit of putting First Things First
  • Total Quality Attitude
  • Mind & Thought Process Management

Module II:

  • Communicating for results
  • Communication Etiquettes
  • Delegation & Empowerment

Day 2 -

Module III:

  • Power Negotiation
  • Problem Solving & Winning Decisions
  • EQ vs. IQ: Working with Emotional Intelligence

Module IV:

  • Work-Life Balance
  • A culture of Service Selling
  • Getting Out of Your Own Way

Target Audience

Executives, Senior Managers, Line Managers, Group/Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers, Coaches, Officers and other members of the team who need to learn how to work effectively.

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