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  • I am extremely pleased with what I saw at Bezaleel Consulting Group. They indeed grow people and i'm glad I attend...
  • Excellent course content and the examples discussed were excellent. In terms of delivery, most presentations were well structured.
  • I appreciate your workshop to be one of the best I have so far attended. I wish that your excellent performances should continue as far as the company exist.
  • I have high regard to your lectures and way of explaining things to our understanding module by module. You are preferred above others. Keep it up.
  • The programme was quite informative and enlightening.

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Problem Solving Skills & Creative Thinking
Soft Skill Courses


Problem-solving is a practical-mental process that involves discovering, analysing and solving problems. The ultimate goal of problem-solving is to overcome obstacles and find a solution that best resolves the issue. In other words, it is getting quality results!

To effectively deal with difficult situations, people must take ownership of issues, stay calm under pressure and take decisive position in resolving the problem. As business environment is characterized by stiff competition and uncertainty, organisations need to create and maintain an enabling environment for evolving out of the box solutions for revolutionary business ideas in order to outperform the market.

Problem solving skills are scarce in the workplace, so it has become increasingly important that employees' skills be better developed in this area. Furthermore, no matter how severe the situation is, there is always a range of alternatives available. This programme incorporates creativity and decision making. It is expected that participants come to grip with and be prepared to also begin to cultivate these twin habits.

Creativity goes beyond opportunity. To be creative, an idea must be appropriate, useful and actionable. It should influence the way business is done, and the way individuals and businesses succeed. The good news is that Problem solving skills are learnable.


This 3-day programme is designed to help participants learn the skills in problem identification, problem analysis and equip them to adequately plan and develop solutions which will eventually be implemented in resolving the identified problem. Employees involved in decision making and process monitoring such as operations, functional and line managers, team leads and those ultimately responsible for ensuring a structured approach to problem solving are expected to attend.

Learning Points

  • Developing a continuous improvement mindset - 'Kaizen ', six sigma
  • Brain storming sessions/techniques
  • Root Cause and Effect Analysis
  • Problem solving 'Roadmap' Process
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Human side of decisions – Models and tools
  • What is your excuse?
  • Puzzles and games

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