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  • I appreciate your workshop to be one of the best I have so far attended. I wish that your excellent performances should continue as far as the company exist.
  • Excellent course content and the examples discussed were excellent. In terms of delivery, most presentations were well structured.
  • The programme was enlightening. I appreciate the personal experiences that were used for illustrations.
  • I am extremely pleased with what I saw at Bezaleel Consulting Group. They indeed grow people and i'm glad I attend...
  • The training is an excellent one. The topics were treated excellently and well understood.

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Relationship Management & Marketing Skills
Customer Service, Marketing & Sales Courses


Products are too complicated, repeated negotiations too much of a hassle and too costly. Under these conditions, success in marketing (and in any field for that matter) is transformed into the inescapability of a relationship. Interface becomes interdependence.- Theodore Levitt 

Somebody once screamed: "Relationship Marketing is dying". She was frustrated by the obvious concentration of service providers on the deal rather than the dealer.

A good portion of our success was due to all of the deals we didn’t do.- Theodore Levitt - Louis V. Gerstner Jnr.

This course is designed to counter-scream: “Relationships Marketing is alive, kicking, adding value and growing the businesses of those who are bold and faithful enough to indulge in it!” The bedrock is partnering relationships. It is helping your customers’ businesses to succeed, keeping him loyal and turning him into a raving fan customer and an advocate of your products and services.


  • To enable a paradigm shift from ‘selling’ people to building relationships
  • To identify the building blocks of an enduring relationship and their application in day-today life
  • To know that value adding and leading-edge marketing and service delivery skills are learnable
  • To apply the principle of zero defect; zero defection: quality product; loyal clientele
  • To bring creativity and innovation into managing relationships intra/extra organisation
  • To hereafter separate rhetoric from ACTION

Learning Points

  • Winning Partnerships
  • Beyond maxi-marketing
  • What do people really buy?
  • Persuasive strategies
  • Making Your Offering Attractive
  • What Hinders Good Service?
  • Assertiveness Skills
  • Effective communication
  • After-sales customer care
  • Relationship marketing
  • Cases, exercises, etc

Who May Attend

Those involved in marketing, sales, relationships, field engineers, client/customer service people, Accounts managers, front office managers and officers, etc.

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